When Rhea Chakraborty said she thinks about suicide; Kangana Ranaut asked, "Who is the Lame Script writer?'

 Actress Kangana Ranaut's fight for getting justice for Sushant continues and she is keeping a close eye on every single movement in the late actor's investigation.

When Rhea Chakraborty decided to speak up about the allegations levelled against her and her family in connection with her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput's death on 14th June 2020. In two lengthy interviews, one with India Today and the other with NDTV, Rhea said, "We are being grilled, we are being part of every investigation. We are doing all our duties as law-abiding citizens. But why can't you wait for the result to come? If you don't have faith in the legal system, you should leave India. Because my family and I do," she told NDTV, referring to the witch hunt and the media trial taking place. "That's why we are still alive or we would have died by suicide too," she added. Rhea continued, "I'm broken. I'm trying to find strength every day for me and my family. The only reason we are still alive is because I am speaking the truth. The kind of mental, emotional, physical pressures on us are unbearable. Any other person or family going through such a situation might consider the same (suicide)."

Kangana Ranaut slammed Rhea by saying, 

"Who is the lame script writer?" she wrote in one tweet, and in another, she wrote, "Who came up with this tacky script? Mahesh Bhatt or Javed Akhtar?"