Richa Chadha pissed off by watching a video of a man distributing cow urine in order to prevent coronavirus

Actress Richa Chadha

 took the Twitter route for sharing an invitation poster of a Gaumutra party which was organised in order to get rid of Coronavirus.

 She had shared the poster and asked if someone could live stream the event. She wrote, 

"Just want someone to Livestream this party... Wanna see who's actually getting pissed drunk at this party! Glug glug cheers !" 

Richa gave a shocking reaction as she was tagged in the video which gave a glimpse of the event which shows a young man 

distributing a liquid to others in paper cups. As per reports, the liquid is assumed to be cow urine

. The talented actress could not believe it and gave a surprising reaction as she wrote, “No no no no NOOOOO! What. No. Really”. Richa also shared another video from another event in which a man is singing a new song about coronavirus. "Ho kittho aaya Coronaaaa." Namaste Karona to avoid Corona.