Call For Fun


Call For Fun produced by Filmquest Entertainment and Hardik Patel, written and directed by Janak Toprani  is a candid interpretation of the lifestyle and mindset of the youth of today who believe “Jo fast haiwoh first hai!”. Indian cinema has been tickling the funny bone of Bollywood fans for decades now and Call For Fun does just that effortlessly. The film is full of wacky misadventures and hilarious scenes, all of which are made memorable with impeccable comic timing of theatre veteran Janak Toprani.  Superhit music by Lalit Pandit, power packed performances and witty one liners, what else can you ask for in a paisa vasool film?

A laugh a minute youth centric laughathon, this naughty comedy takes you into the lives of the commitment phobic generation who prefer to take the elevator to success. The script deals with an edgy, coming of age laughathon revolving around the escapades of a young boy who takes over the reins of his father’s  business and faces a vortex of misadventures - mafia threats to client losses. In characteristic over ambitious, high adrenalin, youth style he ends up in a series of misadventures, only to come out victorious and in the process gain some real life experiences.

Yash is a fun-loving, smart, intelligent and adventurous, yet, grounded young man who is eager to achieve great success in business in a short period of time. Just when his college gets over, his parents, Dev and Sheila are urgently required to go to the U.S. for a couple of months. Having full faith in his son, Dev thinks of this as an opportunity for Yash to learn the workings of his call center business and gain some work experience before pursuing an MBA. In Dev’s absence, with good intentions at heart, Yash defies his father’s conventional approach towards business and begins the expansion of the call center business by procuring more clients. Before long, the expansion backfires due to delay in payments and backlogs on over-heads. Desperate to salvage the situation, Yash goes to the extent of using up the fund Dev had saved up over the years for his foreign education. But, even then the situation does not get under control. It becomes imperative for Yash to think of a way to recover the money.  Over a casual discussion with his close group of college friends, Yash discovers the perfect solution to get out of the mess he is in by way of an innovative, edgy and fun business idea. With the help of his friends he does start the new business, only to embark on a series of comical misadventures, including a confrontation with the mafia.

The movie highlights the setbacks that people face in their professional realm when starting off with a new enterprise and how relationships get adversely affected. It also portrays how chat lines are considered taboo but just scratch the surface an there exists a whole underbelly of such addiction and how that same addiction stems from loneliness and depression faced by people in big cities.

Zaan Khan (Yash) who is a lookalike of Ali Zafar plays his part immaculately and is joined by an animated supporting cast that does everything to make the movie worth a second watch. Bharat Dabholkar and Parmeet Sethi step in as enjoyable fillers n the movie.

This movie a must watch any time any day because even though it doesn’t feature established filmstars and  debutante director, it is still a movie that should be seen by people for the social message it translates from reel to real. It encourages us to turn good listeners and emphasize with another’s loneliness, depression and anxiety because everyone is fighting a battle of their own. It is a light-hearted comedy that touches your heart with its social message.

         Star Rating - 2.5 stars