Judwaa 2


Story: Sachin is a businessman who is flying to Mumbai. In the same flight villain Zakir is travelling. Sachin's wife is hospitalised as she is pregnant and due to deliver baby and as story takes twists, Sachin calls the police to arrest Zakir but he escapes and runs away with one of the twins (Varun Dhawan) of Sachin but the kid falls down on a railway track and is later picked by a Versova woman. Zakir is arrested and he tells Sachin that the baby has died. So while one of the identical twins is raised in Versova, other is raised in London.

The story up to here is same as Judwaa 1.

Later Varsova's Varun gets into a fight with villain's son Vivaan, suffers memory loss and in a bid to avoid Vivaan, elopes to London with buddy Rajpal Yadav. Now the movie shifts to London and the two friends start working there. 

Judwaa 2 is not ‘Part two’ but a proper remake of film Judwaa. While Judwaa was based in Mumbai, this is based in London.

Screenplay, dialogues, Music:

While a few old scenes of Judwaa are reused, few new ones are added too. 

Screenplay is good enough but same like Judwaa - no logic and no connection between two scenes but yes quite entertaining. 

On second thoughts, Judwaa 2 will sort of set an example for the trade - whether old movies can be remade and whether they would be liked by the public remade and given the touch of today's era like film Saajan was remade with a different backdrop in Bareilly Ki Barfi and many liked the film too. So if the audience likes Judwaa 2, then many 20-year old movies can be remade. 

Film's dialogues are quite good, interesting and funny. Varun's SRK dialogues will make the audience laugh big time.

Few scenes are quite emotional too like when the brothers meet or when Varun meets his parents or when Varun goes to Church and prays to  the God. 

Music is melodic but could have been a block buster. Sadly David Dhawan missed on that opportunity. Best song of the film still remains 'Aa Toh Sahi.'

Action, location, Direction: 

Action is quite good and many claps and whistles are expected from the audiences of the B and C centres. 

Film is shot is London so locations are scenic, appealingl and the film is very colourful. 

Direction by David continues to be same as he did 20 years back - his films are shot on a large scale but scenes have no logic, one ponders to understand what happened and why it happened but despite that one enjoys the scenes.

Can say direction by David is good. 

Acting: Varun's (Versova character) is full of lukkhagiri, is loud and flowing with over acting. So basically it was easy for Varun to portray that character. Varun did justice to both the roles and did a splendid job.

Jacqueline too was good. She looked hot and pretty. Tapsee Pannu’s acting seemed slow as usual. Rajpal as Varun's friend was good. Anupam Kher as Tapsee's father was superb and so was Pawan Malhotra as London's police officer.  Zakir and Vivaan too did good job. 

Final Verdict: Though David's films have been hits, critics have always given zero to 1 star to his films. Judwaa 2 is his type of film- entertaining, colourful and clean. 

As the film carries the backdrop of college, young crowd will like the film. 

It's a one-time watch given that you do not use your brains and enjoy the film with friends. Laugh, clap, whistle and enjoy. Don't try to reason out how Rajpal loses or regains his memory when a one ball hits him or how he falls from a 10 storey building and is still unscratched. Don't use logic and if you like such films, Judwaa 2 is the film. 

Movie Rating: 2.5 stars

Business Rating: 3 stars