Story: Story of Bhoomi is no different from film Maatr or Sridevi's Mom where mothers avenge the rape of their daughters. Bhoomi has the father (Sanjay Dutt) taking revenge of his daughter’s rape. But if Mom and Bhoomi are to be compared, there is a vast difference between the two because while Mom is today’s film which not only binds you till the very end but you will also have words of appreciation for the director, Bhoomi is quite the opposite as it appears to be a movie of the 70s or 80s era. 

Screenplay: Inferior and defective.

Dialogues: Outdated, worn out dialogues because the story line too is of the bygone period, so naturally the dialogues. 

Music: Not melodious, music is quite similar to Bhojpuri music. 

Action: Just about average

Editing: Weakest link of the film and inadequate. Seems as if the editor had no idea what editing work is actually.

Direction: Omung Kumar and Sandeep Singh co-directed Bhoomi so it’s confusing to allege either of the two for the bad direction. In fact direction of the film is in many ways similar in a way a Bhojpuri film is helmed and directed. 

Acting: Sanjay Dutt acted brilliantly and portrayed his character quite well. But can’t say the same for any other actor of the film. All other actors were disappointing.

Casting director has done an irresponsible job by doing wrong and inappropriate casting. The back bone of the film was the perfect casting of father-daughter as the movie revolves around them. And Aditi Rao Hydari, who plays Sanjay's daughter, doesn’t look like his daughter at all - instead looks more like his sister or wife. She perfectly is unfit for the character. And unluckily the casting of the film too is by Sandeep. 

Making of the film: If there was no story, then how did this project materialise. Incidentally one of the producers of Bhoomi is Sandeep Singh who used to be a journalist until he joined filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali and worked for him for a couple of years. When SLB made Mary Com, Omung Kumar directed it. Omung and Sandeep became friends and soon headed for a new company together and made film Sarabjit which failed miserably so probably that prompted Sandeep to take reins in his hands this time (for Bhoomi) from Omung. No idea how Sandeep convinced Sanjay Dutt for the story.

Then Sandeep along with other writers wrote screenplay of the film and also composed the music of Bhoomi along with other music directors, which too sounds like Bhojpuri music.

Once when Sandeep asked for my inputs on Bhoomi, I told him that Bhoomi doesn’t look promising, to which he said he will make sure to work on the incompetencies of the film and make sure to turn Bhoomi into a super hit film.

Omung who is an art-director had no idea on the story, screenplay and music of Bhoomi. Ironically he doesn’t even know which scene to shoot from which lens. Apparently Sandeep also handled the direction when Omung had to come to Mumbai for some personal work.

 Editing: Fortunately or unfortunately Sandeep did editing and marketing of the film too. In short, as far as Bhoomi is concerned, Sandeep is the captain of the ship. Right from the start Sanjay Dutt knew well that Sandeep was responsible for every aspect of the film - be it the screenplay or editing or marketing of Bhoomi, so he naturally can blame none except for self if the film fails at the Box Office. 

Final Verdict: Pathetic, bad, worthless, lousy film without any entertainment, emotion or any gripping action scene or thriller. In short, it's no better than having a severe headache.

Movie Rating: Will give Bhoomi One star.