Story: Though Kangana Ranaut lives in America with her parents, she doesn't get along well with her father, apparently that’s a regular feature in most of her films and she has even admitted that in real life too her relation with her dad is on similar lines. Incidentally Kangana plays a divorcee here who works as a house keeper in a hotel and is saving money

to buy her own personal place where she can call upon her friends and boyfriends without any hitch and restrictions. She is portrayed as a smart chick and the same has been established in a hotel scene where her friends, pointing at her boss tell her he is staring at her (with whom she went around for a year), to which she corrects them saying she left him in just six months. 

As story progresses, Kangana accompanies a friend to Las Vegas who is going to have a good time with her beau. Unfortunately she there at a Casino loses all her savings - in fact she also loses the money that she’d borrowed from the Casino's boss also.

Later at a family wedding, the Casino's boss threatens of dire consequence if his money isn’t returned. Kangana lets loose of him by asking to extend the return-period. Guess what does she now do to earn money! She starts to loot banks. Follows interval after which she becomes a pro at looting banks. The ease with which she robs and burgles money from banks, one feels it's easier to loot banks in America than in Bihar. 

But the fun part remains that inspite of looting several banks, she is still short of a few dollars but the goons are in no mood to take a single penny less than 50 thousand dollars. As fate would have it, the money that she kept in her hotel’s safe is stolen. As the goons return to collect the money, the Casino's Boss on knowing about the theft, hands her over a pistol to loot further. And full marks to you for guessing that she is successful in that too and loots more banks with more ease.

In between, a romantic angle is shown when Kangana is seen dating a guy near a hideous, grim pond.

Finally when she is ready to hand over the looted money, the American Police arrives and as happens in climax, she runs for her life in a pathetic car, beating the muscular Salman Khan too in stunts, thereby giving Police a tough time. Unable to catch her, when they eventually trap her car - she isn’t inside. Wow! Too much to digest. Follows the next scene where she calls up the police from a jungle, telling her whereabouts and ready to surrender. 

Screenplay is mediocre and trying to depict that many girls today want to lead a life similar to boys - without any control and regulation on them and have several beaus. Comparatively the first half of the film is better and the second half is overflowing with fiction - thereby giving Salman Khan major 'Stunts goals.' 80 per cent audience will reject it. 

Dialogues by Kangana Rananut are excellent but the hitch remains that they are delivered in English, making it difficult for the single screen audience to understand - hard that the film will do good in small screen. 

Music is average. 

Editing is by Kangana. But she didn’t have a free hand on it as editing the scenes would have chopped off the second half totally.

Acting: Kangana is a brilliant actress and here she is probably playing her real life character of an open minded girl with many beaus and one who doesn’t gel well with parents. Apparently in one of the scenes she admits that it's cool to have multi beaus and that is a talent. But her acting does not match with her earlier film Tanu Weds Manu's acting. 

Soham Shah is given a good screen space but he is intolerable. May be the intention of the director to cast a below-average looking and ordinary actor opposite Kangana was a conscious effort to accentuate Kangana's looks and acting. But that concept didn’t go well here as his scenes were too many and unbearable also. Acting by the actors who essayed Kangana's parents is superb. 

Final Verdict: Had heard that it's a real story of a Gujarati girl but this can’t be true as film ‘Simran’ is an epitome of fabrication and illusion and has surpassed Dabangg 2 in fiction. May be some may fall prey to it assuming such things happen in America but most of the audience will reject it. 

Movie Rating: One star

Business Rating : One star as it can do a business of 25 to 30 crore.