A Gentlemen


Story: Suniel Shetty is a goon and runs a bogus company, where the main lead of the film Sidharth Malhotra works and so does Darshan Kumaar. As the film moves ahead, Sidharth escapes to Miami with a hard disc which carries names of well known people and also details of their black money. Now the chase begins as the hard disc carries

name of Suniel too and he wants Sid and the disc back at any cost so they all head to Miami. 

As far as the screenplay of the film is concerned, not possible for a writer to write it and surprising how a film was made on it bacause as the film kick starts, a healthy boy parks his car and walks away. And believe it or not, the car starts moving back as it happens in a slope but the fact is that it’s parked on a flat road - the amusing logic in which they treated the scene, explains enough, how they mishandled the whole project. 

How the directors, Rak and DK made the project possible let’s see. After reaching a point, they must have pondered on how to pull the film further. So they segregated it in parts and thus …for around 10-15 minutes Sidharth is asked to speed up his bike and the goons follow him, the next 20 minutes were devoted to Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth's office camaraderie, romance and songs, followed by next 10-15 minutes which were invested on an attack on the Chinese Embassy. Then there are chasing scenes of 10-15 minutes in Goa when they try to create and illusion of Sidharth playing a double role as he is seen in Miami and Goa at the same time but funnily enough they cleared in the start of the film only that he is not playing a double role. 

After having shot around one-and -half hours of film, directors Raj and DK pondered how to gather the rest of scenes, when they caught hold of a 50-60 storey building and it clicked to them that they can easily churn out a good half an hour from there - with Sidharth hanging from the building, then making a startling entry by breaking the glasses, fighting the policemen, climbing down the stairs and finally running away - bravo! They shot a good half an hour in this building. Only hitch remaining was the last half hour which was soon sorted when it was dedicated 15 minutes equally to Jacqueline and Sidharth's racing speedy bike in a bid to run from the goons and the final 15 minutes were spent inside Sidharth's house where Jacqueline, Sidharth and the goons have to target each other but they shoot everything right from walls to cushions to fans to tanks but the other. And the final straw was when they had already explored everything. So an idea clicked to them and it was then that in the same house Suniel Shetty was killed in a bomb explosion. Whoa! They completed the film. 

Music of the film is not melodic, discordant. All songs are substandard. 

Action is just about okay. 

Direction:  Raj and DK don't know the ABCD of direction and have made film out of fluke and tukka. There are bleak chances of any actor working with them in the future. 

Acting by Sidharth is bad and amateurish, better for him to enrol himself in an acting school. Since Karan Johar launched Sidharth, Bollywood considers him to be an actor but he doesn’t act like one. Jacqueline on the other hand was not at all comfortable delivering dialogues despite being given dialogues like, 'yes, no, how are you, very good, you are handsome.' Suniel Shetty did full justice to his small role and Darshan Kumaar too acted really well.

Project Making:  If there was no story, how can a film be made on it. Actually it materialized when Raj and DK met Sidharth and convinced him with the story. All know well that Sidharth has not even a bleakest idea of a story of a film. Story would've been explained in a way by the directors – that they will shoot in Mumbai, Miami, Goa and Thailand and that Sidharth has to cajole a gay man in a bar. Well that worked with Sidharth and he was soon convinced for the role. To assure Jacqueline hadn't been a tough job - once they would have mentioned Sidharth name. The last task was meeting Vijay from Fox and Vijay in his response would have asked his female employees to check the story. Finally the film took off and Vijay invested a good 50-60 crore in the film. 

Final Verdict: It’s a joke in the name of film making. Can give it 2 stars but will not because they had the budget and the star cast, despite that they made a hopeless film like this. So will give it zero stars.

Business Rating: 1