Bareilly Ki Barfi


As the film kick starts, Javed Akhtar, in his typical accented dialogue delivery lends narration to Bareilly Ki Barfi. When I went to watch the film, I had a lot of expectations but the reality soon came crashing down and so did the illusion as in no time I realised that it's a copy of the 1991 super-duper hit film Saajan. Saajan's story is about two friends Sanjay

Dutt and Salman Khan. Salman meets Madhuri Dixit, who was in love with a writer (Sanjay Dutt). Salman to win her love, lies that he was the writer but finally Madhuri goes to Sanjay. Here in Bareilly Ki Barfi, Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkummar Yadav and Kriti Sanon play Sanjay, Salman and Madhuri. Really, kudos to the producer and casting directors who have replaced such big stars with beginners and newbie like them. 

Story of the film, as mentioned is on similar lines of Saajan - where Ayushmann is a writer who writes novels and Kriti is in love with the writer and as the story proceeds, she starts loving Rajkummar Rao but finally goes to writer Ayushmann. The only difference is that when the stars of Saajan appeared on screen, the audience would crave to see them more and the public was in awe of them. Here it's the opposite and when these actors come on screen, one feels like pleading and requesting them, "Move over to next scene please as an empty street looks better than you all."

Screenplay is by Dangal director Nitesh Tiwari. He has proved that a genius like Aamir Khan can very well churn out a blockbuster from any Tom, Dick and Harry like him and Nitesh has also proved that if and when he will make a film, it will be in no way less than a flop.  

Dialogues are worthless and rubbish. But interestingly filmmaker Karan Johar liked the dialogues of the film. Incidentally Anil Kapoor had once told Karan on stage that the dialogues of his films are miserable and that's the reason he has never worked in his films. Going by Anil Kapoor's words, it's not at all surprising that Karan liked the film's rotten dialogues. 

Music of this film stands nowhere close to the smashing hit film Saajan's melodious, hummable music, each song of which was a megahit. The second-rate music of this film bugs you to no end. 

Locations of the film are not rocking. Shot in a village near Bareilly, what it all captures is mostly filth, dirty roads and awful buildings. To top it up, the inferior quality and flawed dressing of the actors, makes it look lowly and penniless.

Direction is weak and lousy. No match and no comparison to the wonderful film Saajan which had scenes that were full of emotions. 

Acting by Rajkummar Rao is worse than his average looks. In one of the scenes he says, "Had girls of Hindustan married boys with good faces, half of the population of boys would remain bachelor." What can one say to this except for add that no one would remain bachelor except for him because his face is only like that and to top it up, his mother has named him Rajkummar (Prince). In one of the scenes his mom asks him to eat something because he looks skinny.and if he wears a sherwani it would appear as if a skeleton is wearing a sherwani - too apt for Rajkummar. Another skinny actor of the film Ayushmann- funnily enough, plays goon in the movie. Quite hilarious because a man with a built like him, who would not get of his bed if he gets a call from a goon, is playing a goon himself in the film. And he also teaches Rajkummar to act like a Bhai (Goon/Don) - funny and hysterical! Kriti despite being an average belle, has done a decent job.

Producers who make films, are desperate actually and these actors too, on the back of their head know well that they can make hay while the sun shines and the shelf-life of their acting career is of short span and they have to earn in these few years when their career is at the prime. 

Final Verdict of the this film is that right from the locations, faces of the actors, music, attires to everything, the film looks poor and poverty stricken. Worst ever copy of a blockbuster like Saajan. But if you still want to go and waste your time and money on it and torture yourself, go and watch the movie. 

Movie Rating 1

Business Rating 0.