Toilet Ek Prem Katha


Protagonist of the film Akshay Kumar lives in a village in UP and is already 37 years of age but still a bachelor - big deal there. And as the story moves, the Brahmin guy Akshay meets a girl, falls in love with the village belle and soon gets married to her. After wedding, wife doesn't want to go for open defecation but as the village is devoid of any toilet, she

either has to go to the Village Head's house or rush to catch that train which stops for a mere 7 minutes in their village where she can use the toilet. But soon as fate would have it, something untoward happens and she leaves husband's house and goes back to her mother's house. Here comes the interval. Now since Akshay has to get back his wife to his home, he has to build a toilet in the village. The loving husband that he is, he even builds one toilet but to be broken by the villagers soon. What else he does and does his wife come back, to know all these - watch the movie. 

Screenplay is a bit weak as the village has hoardings, mobiles, laptops and also motorcycle but no bathroom or toilets. Seems as if the film does not show the toilet problem but more of the problem of Pandits because as per the Pandits there, one can't have any toilets in village. 

While this is a family film but dialogues in the film have double meaning. Also no action in this Toilet : Ek Love Story. Music is just about okay. One song 'Hans Mat Pagli' is melodious.

Acting: Akshay Kumar has done a mind blowing job. Sudhir Pandey as father and Anupam Kher in his role -both were brilliant in their respective characters. Bhumi too has acted well. Divyendu Sharma as Akshay's friend did a fantastic job and so did all the characters of the film. Need to mention that the casting director has done a remarkable job as the female lead of the film Bhumi Pednekar looks average but quite apt for her character. 

Direction by Shree Narayan Singh is weak. His earlier directorial film was 'Ye Jo Mohabbat Hain', which probably no one has even ever heard of. One gets a fair idea of his direction from the very first scene where the female folks of the film are shown going for open defacation.

Film editing is not good as the film is based in UP, Gorakhpur, Mathura but surprisingly the characters in the film talk in Rajasthani and in Hindi - on and off. While the film is of 2.45 hours, should have been trimmed to two hours 

Final verdict: i doubt if the film will be a hit as the story should have been made 20 years ago because people who will watch the film, will not connect with the subject and those who have the problem, won't see the film. 

I think no documentary can turn a hit unless it has enough emotion or entertaiment and neither can it be commercialised. Will give the film 2.5 stars.  And business rating would be 3 stars as I think it's expected to do a business of 60 to 75 crore.