Jab Harry Met Sejal


Story: Story is much similar to what I had predicted two months back. Female lead of the film, Anushka Sharma visits Europe and loses her engagement ring there when her fiance accuses her of being way too irresponsible and asks her to search and get back the ring. So the film kick starts from here where all are returning back and Anushka runs out of

the airport and insists Shah Rukh Khan, the male lead of the film to take her back to the places they went so that she can hunt for her ring there. Naturally the ring was not to be found anywhere else as it was in her purse only which she finds later. After that she comes to Mumbai for her marriage and obviously SRK too follows her.

Screenplay: Hard to comment whether it was good or bad as there is no screenplay whatsover. Right from the first scene one knows Anushka and SRK will be together as it happened in most of the films like DDLJ, Chalte Chalte, Befikrey and Tamasha. It was evident that they had to meet and so the scenes were simply created. The disappointing part is the writer could not write impressive and beautiful scenes. As Anushka returns back to Mumbai and SRK follows her, before SRK could convey the intensity of his love for her, the audience already start leaving their seats, hinting enough that they did not even want to wait till the climax - thereby indicating they were done with the film. And believe me, it still was not the climax and it took around 15 minutes more to reach the climax. Why the scene was stretched so much, only the director Imtiaz Ali can tell. Probably he wanted to assure himself that his film has drawn the audience insane and crazy by that time. 

Dialogue: Hopeless Why they were saying and what they were saying was totally beyond comprehension, understanding and were despairing.

Music: None of the songs were foot tapping, melodic or hummable. 

Songs like Hawayein Hawaein of the film were brought by Mahesh Bhatt way back, around the year 2000. Hard to understand the sense for bringing songs like this after so many years, did SRK realize it now that such songs sound great. 

Action: There was no action in the film.

Location: Despite being shot in Europe, the locations fail to impress. 

Editing: Aarti Bajaj could have edited the film better but now on second thoughts, one feels what was on her platter to edit because she possibly would have felt like editing and scraping the whole movie, ironically 'bad editing' is not her fault. 

Acting: SRK's over acting surpassed all the boundaries and tolerance of the audience. High time he realized his age and that he has crossed the age of acting like a young actor like Ranveer Singh and that too then when SRK was donning a serious look with a beard - sadly his look did not at all go well with his demeanor

Anushka Sharma looked clumsy, gawky and unimpressive. She could not look beautiful and appealing in even a single scene of the film. To top it up, she overacted. Cannot talk about the acting of other actors as Anushka and SRK were there throughout - in all the frames of the film. 

Direction: Imtiaz Ali had no control in any of the departments of the film be it direction, action, music, location, script, music or dialogues. He knew it well from the start that the film would be a fiasco. Felt as if he was doing time pass and others too were aware that it’s going to be a blunder and all just walked through it. 

Making Of The Film: SRK had signed Imtiaz much before Tamasha but as Tamasha tanked, I asked a close associate of SRK whether SRK will anymore work with Imtiaz I was told he won’t but as JHMS started, I asked him how come he is doing it so I was told that SRK will get his work done from Imtiaz and that SRK hardly needs a director and Imtiaz will barely have any hold over direction. Appears as if SRK wants to live in that illusionary fort of his that existed way back in the years 2000 to 2005. But that fort is long lost and one who matches with time and today's cinema can only survive and not the one who still lives in his illusionary fort.


Final Verdict: Overall a worthless and inferior film, without emotion, entertainment and laughter. All one can do is simply stare at the movie for few hours and later repent for having watched it.


Movie Rating: 1

Business Rating: 4