Story: Twin baby boys Charan and Karan are born to Anil Kapoor's brother Sanjay Kapoor but soon Sanjay dies in an accident when the kids are handed over at twò different places by Chachu Anil. While one is handed over to Anil's sister in London, another is sent to Anil's brother's place in Punjab. As time passes, the boys grow up into

handsome young men. While London based Arjun Kapoor falls in love with Ileana D' Cruz, Punjab based Arjun starts loving Neha Sharma who plays a Muslim. But the problem arises when the family wants the boys to get married into a rich family. 

Screenplay is well written and so is each and every scene of the film in detail. 

Dialogues are fun, make you laugh and tickle your funny bones.

Music is decent enough but could have been better.

Locations are great and picturesque.

As far as acting is concerned, Arjun plays a double role and has portrayed both his characters very well. He has acted to the best of his abilities. Carrying two characters and their consecutive scenes with conviction and perfection isn't an easy task. Arjun has carried his role beautifully. Neha Sharma has done a good job. Ileana has done superb acting and Anil Kapoor has done a sterling job. Despite being in the industry for so many years, Anil still manages to perform so well. Pawan Malhotra and Rahul Dev too have acted well. 

Direction by Anees Bazmi is terrific and smashing. He has made a clean and fantastic film and proved that he is a master at his job and can still make marvellous films.


New writer penned the story. Producer Murad heard and liked it. For four long years he went knocking from one door to other with the story but all kept rejecting.

Kudos to his positive spirit that he didn't lose heart and kept meeting people. That time Milap Jhaveri was to direct the film who discussed the story and t's plot line with Abhishek Bachchan. But probably Abhishek didn't want to do film with Milap, so things remainined as they were. Later Anil suggested producer to connect to Anees Bazmi after which they started hunting for big stars. So Arjun was cast in it. Once stars like Anil and Arjun were in, Sony did not ponder much on producing the film. Had Murad lost patience mid way, film would have never materialised. 

Final verdict: Overall a captivating, entertaining and pleasant movie and a laughter riot. Whole family will enjoy watching it together. The film will do good business in both urban and rural areas.

Movie Rating: Will give 3 stars. Deserved 4 stars had it been edited well and had been scraped to 2 hours 10 minutes. 

Business Rating would be 2 stars as the film is expected to do a business of 50 to 60 crore. Releasing film on this date on 28th July will not prove fruitful as within a week Shah Rukh Khan's film is releasing and in a fortnight, Akshay Kumar's next is. Film could have done a good business had it released on another date.