born again and whoa, the villain is born as a billionaire in this birth. This time Sushant and Kriti are born in Punjab – they fall in love and again in this life too, the villain doesn’t let them be – well the story reminds us of the story of Sunny Leone’s film Leela here.

Screenplay, Dialogues, Music, Action

Screenplay is inadequate and faulty. There is no connection between one scene to another.  Story is written in an incongruous manner. Why one scene ends where and when, how, from where the other scene picks, it gets hard for the audience to understand. Moreover it’s totally without emotion.

Dialogues are not apt and rotten.

Music is unimpressive except for one song which is quite nice and the other song is half but good as its shot on Deepika Padukone.

Action is inferior and egregious.

Camerawork / Editing

Camerawork/Editing is just about okay. Editor has done unimpressive work despite of being aware that he had a hopeless film to work on and still he had the guts to keep it for 2 and half hours. Had he trimmed it and kept for two hours, the film could have been worth watching.


Sushant’s acting was below average and to top it up, his over-the-top and silly expressions made things worse. Probably the director suggested Sushant to try those out but can recall actor Akshaye Khanna who too was a pro at making faces and see the actor today is sitting idle at home.

While Kriti Sanon was decent enough in her role, villain Jim Sarbh and Varun Sharma majorly disappointed with their acting. 

How the project took off : Sushant has been making tall claims of how he has been rejecting offers made to him from YRF and Mahesh Bhatt. His knowledge of accepting films like Byomkesh Bakshi and Raabta proves enough of his knowledge on films. Same goes for the  T-Series honcho Bhushan Kumar who says he and his team first listens to the story and then goes ahead with the project. If that’s true then what prompts them to make 10 useless movies in a year including films like Raabta and Noor.Infact the same goes for their music sense too as the music of these films are incompetent.

Getting back to Raabta, director of Raabta - Dinesh Vijan was a producer earlier whose wish to become a director lead him get into making Raabta. Probably while Sushant was when signed, he would have asked how from producing films Dinesh is jumping into direction. Its then when Homi Adajania would have convinced Sushant saying Dinesh’d be there for the sake of it and he will manage and direct Raabta. Infact buzz was that Homi was the ghost director of the film.  The remuneration offered to Sushnat may be one of the other reasons for him signing Raabta. Once Sushant and producer were in, signing Kriti Sanon hadn’t been a big deal. Later the project approached T Series who were thrilled at getting it. So finally after all these geniuses met, they all made a terrible and awful film like Raabta.


Miserable and deficient direction by Dinesh Vijan. It’s so imperfect that he did not even give proper characterisation to his characters. While Sushant plays a small town boy of Punjab, his mannerisms are no less than an America-return guy and it takes him no time to woo or impress any girl under the sun. And Kriti is shown in such a light that whoever boy she meets, he goes to her bedroom. Director probably had no idea how to take out work from his actors.

Mention of the Casting director is important here as Jim Sarbh whose looks and accent are not less than of a foreigner is shown as an Indian. Offering the role of a main villain to an average actor like him was a bad and wrong decision altogether. 

Final Verdict overall a bad, lousy and boring film. Total waste of time and money. Not to mention the amount of mental trauma one goes through while watching the movie!

Movie Rating 1 star

Business Rating 1 star

Overall business – At the most, the movie will manage to earn not more than 15-20 crores