Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya


Story: While the hero of the film Varun Dhawan resides in Jhansi, UP with his parents and elder brother, the female lead Alia Bhatt lives in Kota, Rajasthan with her sister and parents.

Film proceeds, they both meet, become friends and simultaneously their marriage is arranged. But much before the due date of entering the

wed lock, Alia elopes as she feels her life carries more significance than just getting married. Discernment hits her hard as she realises she has the right to lead her life the way she aspires to. Infuriated by her step, Varun's father orders Varun to kill her. What follows next, whether Varun kills her or falls in love - catch the movie for the same.

Smashing screenplay. Very well written and well portrayed - keeping in mind the mentality in UP and Rajasthan and the attitude of families towards girls. Also how girls are under-estimated compared to boys. 

Winsome Dialogues convey the gist in every scene. The dialogue, "Jhansi is famous for girls and not for boys" - expresses and speaks volumes about the subject of the film. 

Appealing and arresting.

Shashank Khaitan has done a responsible job and managed to handle all the departments of film with finesse. 

Acting :
Alia as always rocked in her role and was too good. Varun too did a good job. All the other actors were decent in their respective roles. Varun's buddy, played by a chubby guy was his irritating best. 

Drawbacks of the film:
Few things the film missed from becoming another Jab We Met. 

Firstly and foremost is the music of the film which stands nowhere infront of the blockbuster music of Jab We Met. Infact the music stands weaker infront of the last film of director Shahshank - Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaiya. 

Secondly the climax of the film :
Had it been shot in Singapore rather than Jhansi, the climax had been more apt.

Thirdly the casting of the film : 
There was major loophole in the casting. Despite having an extensive scope in casting as the film has several characters, it failed miserably in that sphere. No actor looked perfect in his role except for Alia and Varun. Thumps down to the casting director. 

The mis-casting will land the movie suffer and incur a loss of 25 to 30 crore. And thanks to the casting director, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya missed being a block buster. 

Final verdict: 
Overall a simple, emotional, pleasing love story which the whole family can enjoy. No doubt the movie brings smiles on everyone's face and certainly will make one think about their daughters. BKD will go on inspiring many girls of the country to ponder over the fact that they are not born just to marry and bear kids or just perform the domestic duties. Every girl deserves to decide her career of her choice and they too are entitled for the same importance as boys. 

Final verdict:
Movie rating is 3 stars and business rating would be 4 stars as its expected to do a business of 80-100 crore. 


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