Anurag might make Nawaz romance Deepika, Kareena or Katrina


Seems like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Anurag Kashyap are made for each other. The director actor duo can be called as real life Raman Raghav Jodi. One is known for directing over the top dark edgy cinema and the other is known to enhance any grey character with his acting skills. We caught up

with this made for each other jodi at Anurag's office. 

Q) There's a psychotic shade in every soul and you both seem to bring out that shade best on silver screen. Can I address you as Raman Raghav jodi in real life?

Anurag: True! We are kind of made for each other. I make sure that my actor experiences the grey shades in real life so that they can be projected well on the big screen. Nawaz is a very greedy actor. You lure him with a script. Kind of roles that no one has never done before. This role was a carrot I showed him even before Gangs of Wasseypur happened. So, for 5 years he was going through the character. That's why such a great portrayal.

Q) But Nawaz why is it that we only see you in such deep intense roles? Don't you ever feel like romancing Deepika, Katrina, Kareena and all.

Anurag: That also I will try one day. He keeps on telling me that I came to Mumbai to romance in films. You make me do everything but that.

Nawaz: I have become so shameless that now, every now and then I keep on reminding him that write a romantic role for me. 

Anurag: So, who do you want to romance?

Nawaz: I will have to think. Someone who will match my height. I am excited to romance any one of these, Deepika, Katrina or Kareena. They all are great.

Q) I read somewhere that you feel that because of your looks or the psycho streak in you, you feel that the actresses don't want to shoot romantic scenes with you?

Nawaz: Yeah, Chitrangada recently stormed out of a shoot. We were filming an intimate scene. I kept on saying that don't leave me. But she didn't listen. That's the sorry state of my reel life romantic life.

Q) Do these neurotic roles play on your mind?

Nawaz: Yes, I remember that while I was shooting for raman raghav 2.0, I used to walk on the road and look at people and would think, I can kill him. Thank God! shooting is over. My wife used to call up Anurag and tell him, what have you done to my husband.

Q) Anurag, are you happy with Udta Punjab Box office collections, it's not in 100 crore club?

Anurag: I don't follow collections. My job is creative. It's not in a 100 crore club because it's not an easy film to watch. But we have made our profits because we shot the film on a very cut to cut budget. Also, all these stars charged us less to  make the film happen.

Q) Is the battle to make Haramkhor happen on?

Anurag: Yes, I am hopeful that we will get a certificate. The process is on.

Q) Bollywood A list stars accuse that your films have lot of cuss words?

Anurag: They are the same stars who will appreciate Game of thrones or Hollywood films with nudity and foul language but will accuse me. Actually in English it sounds cool to them but not in Hindi

The duo is hoping that because Raman Raghav 2.0 is a scary watch so the fear factor will not let couples sleep. Hence, it will bloom romance in this rainy season.