Director of SRK's TV debut 'Fauji' dead

Colonel Raj Kumar Kapoor, known for the television series 'Fauji', which used to air on Doordarshan, passed away. The director who gave Shah Rukh Khan a platform in his early career, breathed his last in Delhi.

He passed away due to age-related issues, Ritambhara, one of his daughters, told.

"My father died at 10.10 p.m. yesterday. He was in a hospital for some time, but his death was very sudden. He was otherwise in good health... He went quite peacefully," Ritambhara said.

A Facebook post from Kapoor's family read: "This is to inform you that our beloved dad, Raj Kumar Kapoor, has left his earthly body to go on a brand new adventure."

He retired from the army after he became a disciple of Osho and moved to Mumbai to work in films. He produced many serials and acted in full-length and ad films. Just a few years ago, he published the novel 'When Shiva Smiles'.