From Video Cassette Librarians to Filmmakers

Probably the most dynamic of all industries that changes people’s lives completely is the film industry we fondly call Bollywood. We are going to share with you some of the remarkable stories of filmmakers who were earlier film video cassette librarians.

Bad Phase in Bollywood

Bollywood currently is trying its best to sail through rough tides. While some are managing to stay afloat, others are preparing to pull the last plug from the industry. What adds to the loss is the fact that a major chunk of a big budget films goes as talent fee for super stars like Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. Therefore bigger the budget, bigger the risk and the bigger the set back!

Why is the industry against Hrithik Roshan ?

Hrithik Roshan has been under the evil eye for quite sometime now. The actor has been at the receiving end of flak from all quarters. The entire Bollywood industry seems to have gone against him. We examine the apparent reasons.

Bollywood facing tough competition from Hollywood

Hollywood films are getting big releases in India. They are earning big bucks too. This business has scared Bollywood. Therefore, certain film makers feel that the release of foreign films should be limited.